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My name is Marisa Plotnick Yibirin and I do one of a kind portraits and photography. I don’t belong to any niche. I photograph all walks of life and many other things that are inspiring to me. Capturing the spirit, essence and the connection among people is what I love. I find the ordinary to be extraordinary. My own personal artistic journey and how I evolved brings me pride. Learning to trust the process and myself has been the biggest giveaway. As an artist we at times struggle with self doubt and constant comparison. It is true, comparison is the thieve of joy. You have to stay rooted in your vision and uniqueness. I have an eclectic showcase of work and that is what makes me, me.

I love to capture the spirit, essence and the connection among people. I find the ordinary to be extraordinary.

Marisa Plotnick

My Backstory

I have always loved taking photographs and the feelings that it has given me. Being able to capture a moment in time and know that it will last forever is a feeling that is hard to put into words. Growing up my father loved to photograph all of our childhood moments. I feel that is also one of the ways I feel connected to him and the past. When my dad passed away, one of the ways that I coped with the grief was by photographing. It was my way of channeling my pain and sadness. I was able to capture the beauty that is all around us.

Slowly I began to take the risk and began to share some of my images on social media, with family, and friends. As I began to share more and more, the positive support and following started to grow.

People were starting to notice my work. It was encouraging to hear compliments such as , ” you have such a talented eye”. In the beginning stages,I still did not believe in myself nor in my artistically ability.

Time went on and I was approached to take someone’s portraits, which at the moment in time I had never done before. I was scared and apprehensive, but I took a leap of faith and I accepted the opportunity. This happened to have taken place at somewhat of the beginning of COVID when the world was tumultuous and uncertain. And what I didn’t know was at this time this would be the beginning of my business. People started wanting to book sessions and ever since that first session I have been evolving into what is my unique craft. Every day I take risks as a business owner and an artist. I have learned so much about myself from continuously pushing forward . I try every day to stay true to my artistic self and do things in the way that speak to me.

What Drives My Creative Journey?

My creative journey is one that will be an everlasting evolution. My photography is parallel to my personal journey to the self. One of my goals as artist is to show the world how the mundane and ordinary are actually extraordinary and beautiful. I love to focus on the things that people will often discard and bring them into the light. Another aspect to my creative journey is showing people how truly beautiful they are and encouraging them to trust themselves.

Why I Love Being a Creator?

One of the most rewarding aspect of being an artist is freedom. With all my photography I am creating within the realms of my creative spirit and it is liberating and gratifying. It has taken a long time to get to this point on my journey. To truly create for myself at all times. Even if I am photographing for a client I am still creating for myself. It is a form of self expression that is unique and personal.

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